March 5, 2024

The church St. George

3d Visualization of The church St. George (Metocha) — convent in Asenovgrad, Bulgaria.
For this work I used 3ds Max.

This place is in south Bulgaria in a small city called Asenovgrad. It is a place where the people meet each other, take a walk or just have fun.
This place have actually a historical meaning too. It is called “Metocha”. Metoch was a place, where pilgrims and monks can find a place to take a rest and become food. It is build on the way to bachkovo monastery in Rodopa mountain. We see here just The church St. George to this “Metoch”. It is build from Grigorii Bakuriani together with another 2 Metocha. This Metoch is called Stanimashki Metoch and the other 2 are called Mramarski and Pilongiiski metoch. From all 3, this is the only one what still existing.
This place was open till ca. 1980. After that is started reconstruction, what is still not finished!
The church “St. George” was build in 11th centuries. The last reconstructions of the church are from 17th century.

I love to make reconstruction of old buildings and I wish to make a reconstruction of the all metoch complex in a future project.

We made this project with my friend Lubomir Petrov.
You can see more works from me at Art Station.

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