May 30, 2024

Honey Gourami – Circle of life

One of my hobbies is Aquaristic and some of my favorit fishes are Honey Gourami. I made this video in ca. one year and it represent the “circle of life” of Honey Gourami – Laying Eggs, Pairing, Young fishes .

0:01 Honey Gouramis first meet
0:03 Honey Gouramis playing
0:10 Gold Honey Gourami mating ritual
My Gourami start playing pairing dance very fast. After 2 days they feel very close to each other.
0:37 Gold Honey Laying Eggs 
In normal case the male Gourami make a nest and when the female like it she is ready to let her eggs in the nest. She goes under the nest and waiting, that the male press the eggs out of her stomach. After the eggs get out the male hunting the female away.
1:30 Honey gourami building a bubble nest 
By this breading, my male builds the nest after the pairing and put the free flying eggs in it! 
1:52 Gourami larvae 
First 2 – 3 days the male Gourami took care of the larvae. He took them in his mouths and put them up in the aquarium. After the 4th day after the birth, he looses interest of the baby Gourami. After that I catch them and move them to a separate 20 liter tank. In the second thank I first put just 10 liter water.
3:00 Raising and Feeding Tiny Gourami Fry
3:12 Feeding live brine shrimp – artemia, to gouramis 
In the first 2 weeks, I give to the larvae paramecium. I buy some of them from a pat shop and other I make alone from an herb(just let it for 1 week in a glass with water at the window). After the second week you can give artemia too. 
3:40 Two months old fishes 
After the second months you can give normal food to the young animal – flake, frozen and live. I start normally allays with flake food.

Information about Honey Gourami

  1. Habitat
  2. Mark
  3. Attitude
  4. Feeding


Honey Gourami lives in the rivers and lakes of South Asia – India and Bangladesh. It likes the top and middle levels of the water. Honey Gourami needs to brave air from time to time.

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Length of Gourami is up to 5,5 cm -6 cm. The females are a bit smaller then mailes and the males are colored more intensely. Males Honey Gourami become a black line at the belly in the mating.

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Aquarium size for Honey Gourami has to be more then 60 liters with a lot of plants. Plants are important for the female to find a save areal from the male. It is important to use floating plants. Thay produce, a lot of oxygen and help, the male to create a bubble nest. 

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I use flake food, frozen and live food to feed my Honey Gouramis. Some people using also occasionally vegetable food. Honey Gourami has small mouth and cannot eat big peaces of food. 

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Most asked Questions about Honey Gourami

1. How big have to be the tank for one couple Honey Gourami?
– Your Tank have to be 60 Liter or bigger!

2. Can I have two or more couples of Honey Gourami in one tank?
– Tow or more couples of Honey Gouramies in one tank is just stress for the fishes. 

3. What is the different between the and female?
– Male Honey Gourami is bigger, colorful and in the pairing time become a black line.

4. Can my Honey Gourami become tank mates?
– The male is very aggressive in the pairing time.It is a territorial fish.I have in my tanks with Honey Gourami just shrimps and snails. My male Gourami is friendly to my shrimps. Other people told me that there Gouramis are aggressive to their shrimps. It depends on the fish if you can put shrimps in the tank!
You can keep together with the Honey Gourami – Blue Gourami, Pearl Gourami, Dwarf Gourami, Gold Gourami and Opaline Gourami.

5. Do I need floating plants in the tank?
– The floating plants help the male to build the nest for pairing. 

6. Can we keep male and female after bubble nest in the same aquarium? 
– Yes, you can! You need a lot of plants and some hols like in cocos nuts or rocks. The female needs a place to hide from the male.

7. What temperature do honey Gouramis like? 
– The temperature shut me be approximately 22 – 28 °C.

8. Can I have Honey Gouramis and Betta in the same tank?
– No, both males are aggressive and territories fish.

9. What PH do honey Gouramis like? 
– They like pH of around 7. I use PH minus to make the water softer. 

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