July 25, 2024

360 degree videos

360 degree videos are videos, which show the world in all directions. These videos are called 360-degree-videos, virtual reallaty(VR) videos or spherical videos. I love to make 360 degree videos, because they represent the world in one more natural way. I try to don’t use filters or make the videos on some other way different them that what you can see through your eyes, if you was there and walk with me together. At this page I will post videos from beautiful places.

I am using for my 360-degree videos – Insta 360 one.

  1. Kabira Bay Ishigaki, Japan
  2. Kuroshima tower, Okinawa, Japan
  3. Hoshizuna Beach , Okinawa, Japan
  4. Hirakubozaki lighthouse, Ishigaki, Okinawa , Japan
  5. Taketomi-jima ( 竹富島 ) Okinawa Japan

Kabira Bay Ishigaki Japan

Kariba bay is one of the most beautiful places in Ishigaki, Okinawa. There are many boats and you can make a boat rides.Through the glass bottom you can see beautiful fishes and coral reefs.
There is a viewing platform and you can see the bay. You cannot swim at this bay because the water stream is too strong.

I walked through Kariba bay to catch the feeling at this bay.

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Kuroshima tower, Okinawa, Japan

Kuroshima Tower is a Observatory point over the Island. It’s looks like very old and beautiful pacific building. Kuroshima Island is very flat and from this Point you can see all around the island.

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Hoshizuna Beach , Okinawa, Japan

Hoshizuna Beach is one famous beach, where you can shnorkeling and see beautiful fishes and corals. I had very much fun to shnorkeling here.

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Hirakubozaki lighthouse, Ishigaki, Okinawa , Japan

Hirakubozaki lighthouse is located at the north part of Ishigakijima. This place is visit by many tourists. The view of the lighthouse and different colored Pacific Ocean is breathtaking.
You can come and make a virtual walk with me at this beautiful place.

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Taketomi-jima ( 竹富島 ) Okinawa Japan

The village of Taketomi is a traditional Ryukyu village. The houses are with stone walls, red tiled roofs and shisa to protect the people of evil spirits. At this island still lives permanently people.
Water Buffalo Cart Ride is very nice touristic attraction. The car driver play on Okinawa guitar and sings traditional songs.
Nagominoto Tower is a small tower in the middle of the village On a small hill. Taketomi’s Tower is 4,5 meters high, and it was the highest point in the island before.

For more information Taketmijima by Wikipedia

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