January 21, 2021


You can find some of my 3ds max scripts.I use them in my modeling or texturing workflows. You can download them for free and use for your private or professional projects. You can visit me by script spot – todor.

List with 3ds max scripts:

  1. Reset Material Editor
  2. ID Finder
  3. Material Renamer
  4. Clear Smoothing Groups
  5. Object Selecter
  6. Grouper
  7. Reset All 3d Max Materials
  8. Citytrafic Speed Changer
  9. Placer
  10. LOL – Lost Object Layerer

Reset Material Editor

Reset Material Editor is a script to reset all materials in your material editor. You can reset them to Vray materials, Standard materials, Corona materials, Mental Ray or FStorm materials.

For example, you can use this script in the following cases :

– If you have too many materials in your scene and if want to reset your Material editor.

– If you have different copies of the same 3ds Max material and you want to clear your material editor slots.

– If you have standard materials and want to use Vray materials.

– If you have Vray materials and want to work with standard materials.

Now is the update with corona, mental Ray and FStorm materials changer options.

Script category: “#todorScripts” .

Download v1.1: Reset Material Editor v1.1

You can download here some old versions of the “Reset Material Editor” :

Download v1.0: Reset Material Editor v1.0

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ID Finder

With this script you can Find what kind of object and material IDs you have in your scene.

With the Buttons „to zero“ you can reset all material and object IDs in your scene. The button „print“ give you the possibility to print out a list of IDs in your 3d Studio Max scene. The list come out the in the Output window.

There is a random object ID option. You can use it, if you want to give a random (IDs), to your selection.

If you want to select the objects with one special ID, you can type it in the “Select object ID“ field and press the go button. The script will select all objects with this object ID.

You can use it, if you become a new scene and don’t know what kind of material and objects IDs are in the scene.

Download: ID Finder

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Material Renamer

With this “Material Renamer” script, you have the possibility to rename all objects in your 3ds max scene. You can choose a different way of renaming – rename the base name of the materials, to insert just a Prefix or Suffix to the already existing material names. You can increase the step of the numbers if you want by the renaming process. This script was inspired by the Object rename script in 3ds Max.

Download: Material Renamer

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Clear Smoothing Groups

With the Clear Smoothing Groups script you cad delete all smoothing groups in the selected geometry.

It is very easy to use it. You need just to select your models and press the button „Clear smoothing Groups“. After that you can recreate the smoothing Groups of your models.

Download: Clear Smoothing Groups

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Object Selecter

Object Selecter script is a script to select all Object in the scene >, < or = a count of poligons what you surching. You can calculate the Vray Proxys if you turn on the ShowMesh option. After you click the Calc Button you can see how much Object in the scene are found and select them with the select Button. On the right site you see a list with the selected Objects. With double click you can select every one of this objects.

Download: Object Selecter

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The Grouper is a 3ds max script to open an close single or multiple groups in 3ds max. There is a also a possibility to select all object in the scene – the “select all” Button. This script is written in 3d studio max 2016.

You can you use this script when … – Your scene is very big and you cannot move free insite. You can start the script, select all objects, open the groups, do what you need to do, select all objects and close the groups. – to open multiple groups at the same time. – to select all objects in the scene.

Download: Grouper

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Reset All 3d Max Materials

With this script you can reset all materials in your marerial editor to Standart marerials, Vray materials, Corona materials or Mental Ray materials .

You can use this scrip when :

– You have too much materials in your scene and want to reset your Material editor.

– Wenn you have different copies of the same 3ds Max material and want to clear your material editor.

– If you have standard materials and want to use vray materials.

– If you have vray materials and want to work with standard materials.

Now is the update with corona and mental Ray materials changer options.

Download: Reset All 3d Max Materials

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Citytrafic Speed Changer

Citytrafic Speed Changer is a 3ds max script and you can change automatecly the maximal speed on the streets in your scene. You just have to select the streets ( splines ), give the max speed in the window and start the script. It will change the parameter in the modifier of the selected Objects.

You can you use this script when … – You want to change the speed at the streets of city traffic. The defount value is 100. you can select all streets, give max speed of 30 and after that Main Streets with speed 50 or 60 and the high ways with 120 or more.

Download: Citytrafic Speed Changer

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Placer is a 3ds max script to help you to place objects on a suraface. In this Script you can pic the ground model ( the geometry on that you will transport the chosen objects ), select to turn on, or off the record the animation of your objects and Start the placement process.

In the advance options of the direction of placement. You can place objects for example on the walls, bottom and roofs. There are options to create a chaos with the translation, rotation and scaling buttons.

This scrip is written an old 3ds Max version. I hope it works at your studio max too.

You can use this script when:- You have a cross aerial and you want to place trees. You make the position of the tread from top view and place the trees on the ground geometry. – You can animate how tiles fly away or get animated in to the right place.

Download: Placer

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LOL – Lost Object Layerer

This script move the selected objects in a new layer. You can select some of your objects and move them to a new layer by pressing of the “GO” button. The “Delete” button will help you to delete the empty layers.

You can use this scrip when :

– You don’t see your object in a layer. This is a bug from 3ds max 2016…. maybe also in other versions.

– Your Objects are in the scene, but not in a layer !!!

I hope this script can help you find your missing models.

Download: Lost Object Layerer

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12 thoughts on “3DS MAX SCRIPT

  1. hi, thanks for your scripts could you please add more options to Placer scripts that it does able to solve this issue.(real-time ray intersection )


    1. Thank you very much for your feedback. Witch 3ds Max version do you use? When come this issue – by starting the script or by exicuting of a button?

      Thank you and wish you a nice day!

  2. Hello Todo, thak you for this script, I tried it on 3ds max Student license but when I droped it to the 2ds max UI the soft crashed and when I tried to run it with max script command nothing happens. Any fix please ? Thank you 🙂

      1. Thank you, Its good that it’s working. I have max 2016 and cannot Test the scripts at other max versions very offten. If there are some other problems or Ideas, pls text me . Wish you a nice day.

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