May 30, 2024

Land of the rising sun

“The land of the rising sun” is a movie what I made in Japan in the summer of 2013. In this year I visited Japan for first time and all what I saw there was very impressive for me.

In this period of time I visited Tokyo, Funabashi, Kyoto, Hagata, Fukuoka, Aso, Miyazaki, Kagoshima, Sakurajima and other places.

Most of the sequences are made in Hakata, Fukuoka, Kyoto, Inari, Sakurajima, Tokyo, Kagoshima and Aso (“sea of clouds”).

We went to the volcano (Sakurajima) at the 19.08.2013. Two hours before the big eruption, we went to Miazaki so we aren’t there at the big eruption :). We came back to Kagoshima after that and at the night there was Volcano dust at the whole city of Kagoshima. On the all way was very beautiful views.

My Equipment was not so big – just one camera and one lens!

Camera: Nikon 7000
Lens: Nikkor 18 – 70   F 3.5 – 5.6

This video was publicized in many differ websites. You can see some of them here and let a coment if you like.

おまけ:日本を映した映像はこちらのもドイツのデュッセルドルフに住むTodor Vankovさんの作品で博多、福岡、京都、桜島、東京、鹿児島、阿蘇で撮った作品との事。
Yuk, kita lihat video keindahan Jepang buatan pembaca Japanese Station dari Jerman!
Българин заснема красотите на Япония
LAND OF THE RISING SUN är en time-lapse-kortfilm skapad av Todor Vankov
Land of the Rising Sun é um time-lapse criado por Todor Vankov no Japão
Au pays du soleil levant
Спираща дъха разходка из Япония в time-lapse филм
A Time-Lapse Take on Japan’s Sights
 Land of the rising sun  снято в Японии летом 2013 года
A Time-Lapse Take on Japan’s Sights
Замедленная съёмка достопримечательности Японии
“Таймлапс” в търсене на изгубеното време
The Land of the Rising Sun
The Land of the Rising Sun

This video is a time lapse made by Todor Vankov in August 2013 and I can strongly recommend you to visit this beautiful country – Japan!

I hope you will like it and have good time with my video. Wish you a nice day !

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