May 30, 2024

Post-apocalyptic N Tower

This is the Post-apocalyptic N Tower in Seoul, South Korea.

Now is the second months of the coronavirus pandemic ( COVID-19 ) and I made a second work with a post-apocalyptic touch. I created in the time of social isolation at home, working in a home office. This is a private work what I made with 3ds Max 2016.

This post-apocalyptic fiction work represents the N Tower (or the tower on the month Namsan) in Seoul, South Korea. This work shows the world after collapse of the technological civilization. I imagen how nature took everything back. You can now see the green ivy grow up through the tower till the observation deck and a little bit more. How the trees grow up on the platform. I wanted to show the post-apocalyptic N Tower more like green place and don’t make big accent at the destruction! Nature took everything back and makes it part of it!

I can say about the technical site, that the file was very large – over 47 000 000 polygons. I rendered this image in 2000 x 2000 pixels and rendered it in 6 hours at my computer at home. I used 3ds max 2016 and needed 24 GB of my RAM.

This is a black – wite variation of the Post-apocalyptic N Tower in Seoul, South Korea!

This is a sepia variation of the Post-apocalyptic N Tower in Seoul, South Korea! I using just a sepia filter.

My first post-apocalyptic work was the Tokyo Tower and you can see it here. More works from me at Art Station.

Let a comment if you want, what do you think about this work! I’m very excited at your opinion.

I hope that the coronavirus quarantine is soon over, and we can come back to our normal life! Thank you very much and stay save! Wish you a nice day my friends.

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