June 14, 2024

Pacific Knights

“Pacific Knights” is a single-player third-person shooter game. You can choose between an airplane and a ship campania.

Trailer from “Pacific Knights” (alpha)

You can download the game here:

This game is made by me (Todor Vankov) and my friend Dani de Devel (Daniel Brück). Daniel Brück created the ship part of the game, and I created the airplane campania. The game is still in alpha version. We used Unreal Engine 4 (UE4).

The airplane campania

To create the airplane, I was inspired by Mitsubishi A6M and I create a mix between some models from A6M1 till A6M5.


In the airplane campania you have the possibility to play three tutorials and three missions. In the tutorials you can study the menus of the game and how to navigate and shut at the targets. The targets in the tutorial are towers. I want to show you here screenshots from the first 3 tutorials.

Tutorial 1 – Learn the controls of the airplane

Tutorial 2 – Learn the basic movements

Tutorial 3 – Learn the combat system

Mission 1 – Find your home base airport

When you finish the tutorials, then you can start with the Missions. In the first Mission you have to find an airport and destroy the towers of this airport. When you finish this mission, this will be your home base airport. You can start missions from it!

Pacific Knights – Mission 1

All missions are at this map. This is an island in the pacific ocean. The red star is a mark for the position of your target, where you have to fly to.

You have to destroy five enemy towers.Those towers have a red mark! They are also towers with a yellow mark. They are also enemy and you can destroy them, but they are not important for the mission.In the Mission 2 and 3 is the same – the important towers have a red marker and the not important yellow.
Every defence tower has a gun on it and if you fly in the radius of the gun it start to shut on you. The radius is different by each tower. Thous towers are small in-game AI (artificial intelligence) – they can detect you and shutting at you with different power, depending at the distance from it! This was for me one of the most interesting parts of this game.

Another in-game AI (artificial intelligence) is the enemy airplanes. You have in the first mission nine enemy aircrafts. They are white and have a yellow mark – they are not important for the mission. These airplanes just flaying around and if they detect you, they will start shutting on you! They can detect you just if you are in front of them, if you stay behind them – you are saved.
This Aircraft can be detected by the gun towers, and they shut them. I wanted to create a bit more life in the game and interactivity between the bout kinds of Artificial intelligence – gun towers and enemy aircrafts.
You can also interact with them – they receive damage from you and when you destroy them, it comes to a big explosion in the air.

When you fly around the island, you can see houses. Some of them have a yellow mark – you can destroy them too. The Houses receive damage from the airplane and other flying rest of towers or other houses.

At many different places at the map, you can see control towers. They are sometimes in small vilifies, your base or enemy bases. You can shut at them and destroy them if you want, but they are 2 – 3 times more difficult to get damage and be destroy then the gun tawers.

Control Tower

In the first mission you have to find the base airport and destroy his five defence towers. When you make this, you can start with the second mission.

Mission 2 – Find and destroy the secret airport

In the second mission you started from your new base airport, and you have to find one secret airport of the enemy. There are 7 important defence towers and you have to destroy them.

This airport is at the west part at the island.

For this mission you can choose a different way to fly to your target.Through the middle of the island is the most fast, but also a bit boring way. I can recommend you to fly at the south part of the island. On this way you can have a bit more adventure on the way to the target.

Mission 3 – Destroy the main enemy base

In the third mission you have to find the main base of the enemy, destroy the 14 defence towers and the communication tower. There are two villages next to the main base. You can visit them too.

This enemy base is at the north part at the island.

I did not create missions at the north and north – east part of the island. Feel free to flay there and explore it.

You can download the game for free at itchi.io :

I hope, that you will have fun with this game and let a comment.

Wish you a nice day.

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